Dedicato – Social Outings

Part of recovery is starting to participate in the regular activities that most people enjoy. This kind of sober lifestyle is usually cast aside when in active addiction. To help reintroduce those type of activities while at Dedicato, we offer a weekly night out as a group for some healthy and fun entertainment. These activities may include:

  • Bowling
  • Movies
  • Dining Out
  • Miniature Golfing

Physical Outings

After detox and lots of group therapy, it’s time to get outside and breath fresh air. Physical activity allows our patients to engage in a different way with others. This is important in early recovery. It also allows our patients to express themselves, which leads to better growth and learning.

Some of the physical activities we encourage are:


Importance of Recreation

Our recreational events set a standard for long-term recovery. When our patients get to our center their lives are revolving entirely around drugs and alcohol It’s important to re-learn how to have fun. Finding activities our patients can enjoy can provide a new hobby or healthy habit.

Recreational activities are great for showing newly sober people how to reach goals, solve problems, socialize, and handle tough situations without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Sierra Madra Social Outings

Sierra Madre, California, is a quaint foothills community with lovely old homes, well-kept lawns on streets lined with big, beautiful trees. You might not even be familiar with our town. There are only 11,000 people and takes up three square miles on a map.  It’s a great town to take a long weekend drive. We are also close to Los Angeles. In an area of the country that is known for being fast-paced and filled with traffic, our little niche is great for folks who enjoy hiking, the arts, and old-fashioned family fun. We even have a festival celebrating a special wisteria.

If you are not familiar, the Wisteria is a flowering woody vine that puts on a beautiful display of color each year between April and June. Fragrant violet-blue flowers blanket the Wisteria Tree with delicate blooms that dangle in weeping clusters.