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Why Family Therapy Should Be a Part of Treatment

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Family group therapy is a vital part of addiction treatment that helps to strengthen the family unit and the individual who is receiving treatment. We explore the importance of including individual and family therapy in addiction recovery.

The Effect of Addiction on Families

Addiction can affect the health of a family in more than one way. Substance-seeking behavior, such as lying to or stealing from family members, can erode trust. The mood swings common with addiction may have caused relationships to break down.

The behaviors of non-addicted family members can also negatively affect relationships within the family. An example may be a disapproving family member who ostracizes or judges.

The individual who is dealing with addiction may have health, employment, or spousal issues, which can place additional stress on family relationships. Although just a few of many examples, addiction’s effect on families can be chronic and severe, which is why family therapy should be part of every addiction treatment program.

What Is Family Group Therapy?

This type of group therapy is not only part of addiction treatment, but also offers therapy for the family unit itself, providing:

  • Information and assistance to heal family relationships
  • Education about improving communication
  • Strategies for rebuilding trust
  • The opportunity to discuss family roles

This type of treatment considers the family as a system and examines how each component’s health—or lack thereof—affects the whole.

Types of Family Therapy

Family therapy is offered in four main types:

  • Bowenian therapy focuses on and treats faulty behavioral patterns that may exist between family members.
  • Strategic therapy assesses and modifies familial communication and decision-making via the assigning of homework.
  • Structural therapy focuses on the identifying and setting of appropriate boundaries with the goal of strengthening the family system.
  • Systemic therapy looks at the unconscious aspects of behavior, and allows families to examine and solve their problems more independently.

How Does Family Therapy Help with Addiction Recovery?

For the individual in recovery, the ability to access internal family systems group therapy can offer a range of benefits.

In understanding what addiction is, as well as the individual role of each family member, the family can become stronger and able to offer their loved one needed support. Therapy can also uncover unhealthy dynamics that may be negatively affecting the health of the family, making it more difficult for the individual to cope.

In participating in group sessions, family members not only become better able to spot the signs of relapse but learn what to do to stop it.

Holistic Addiction Treatment That Includes the Family

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Dedicato Treatment Center is a Joint Commission-accredited addiction treatment facility that understands the powerful role of the family dynamic. We are licensed and certified by the State of California Department of Health Care Services, and we offer individualized and family education sessions from our Legit-Script certified facility in Sierra Madre.

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