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How to Tell Your Family About Your Addiction & Need for Treatment

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Keeping your addiction a secret is the hardest secret ever kept. When you finally gather the courage to reveal your struggles, it can be hard to know what to say and to predict what will happen.

How do you open up without feeling overly vulnerable? How do you prepare yourself for possible backlash and disappointment? What do you do after admitting you have a problem? Saying the words “I’m an addict” doesn’t come easily, but admitting that you have a problem is the first step in recovering and getting the help you need.

Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks for telling your family about your problem and your need to undergo addiction treatment to regain control.

Why You Should Admit to Your Addiction

Opening up may be one of the scariest things you’ll ever do in life. Not only do you make yourself extremely vulnerable, but there’s no telling how your family will respond. They may cry, yell, or express shock and disappointment. Either way, no matter what happens, your admission is a must.

Though scary, admitting your addiction is a cathartic release. Saying that you have a problem will feel like a thousand pounds has been lifted off of your shoulders. It also opens the door for conversations that have likely needed to happen for years.

Before you admit your struggles to your family, there are some things you’ll want to do first, including:

  • Knowing what you’re going to say and who you want to tell
  • Researching treatment options, such as residential treatment
  • Having a plan and timeline to get help

It’s also important to note that you can’t change those around you. Admitting that you have a problem won’t change others in your life who may also suffer from alcohol or drug abuse issues. This is a time to focus on you.

Choosing the Right Moment

Admitting that you’re struggling with addiction and need rehab treatment takes a lot of courage and bravery. While it may seem like there’s never the right time to tell your family members, often the best time is now. The sooner you admit that you have a problem, the sooner you can get the treatment you need.

You don’t want to wait weeks or months before admitting your struggle and reaching out for help. The longer you wait, the more dangerous your addiction becomes. While it can be hard, the sooner you admit you need help, the better.

Ideally, you’ll want to have the conversation somewhere private. Choose a time when people aren’t going to be distracted and are available to talk. Because of the topic at hand, you can expect plenty of emotions. It’s important to stay calm and maintain your composure while remembering that this is what you have to do in order to protect your health and your life!

Be Open & Honest

There’s a lot of stigma and misinformation surrounding addiction. After admitting your struggle and explaining that you need help, be willing to be open and honest. Explain to your family that addiction is a disease. Let them know that you want help but that recovery isn’t something that happens overnight.

You’ll also want to explain how much time, thought, and deliberation went into finally admitting that you’re struggling. Let them know that it wasn’t an easy decision but that you’re ready to take back control.

You’ll also want to discuss addiction treatment options and let your family know what you’ve decided. If you think that inpatient drug rehab is best for you, let them know why and show them that you’ve done all of the necessary research.

Most importantly, show them that you are serious. If you’re close to your family, chances are that some of them already suspect that something is going on. At this point, you’ll need to show everyone that you’re serious about getting help and overcoming your addiction.

While you may face a little tough love at first, be honest and open. Your family will come around and offer their full support in helping you to regain your health and happiness.

Holistic Addiction Treatment You Can Trust

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