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How to Support Your Loved One in Rehab

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Having a loved one in rehab can cause you to feel a mix of emotions. While you’re probably happy and relieved that the person you care about is finally getting the help they need, you’re also likely to feel sad because you miss them and maybe even a little worried about how the treatment process will go.

The good news is that a rehab treatment center is the best place for your loved one to be. They’re in a safe, supportive environment that is designed to help them heal and finally get on the road to recovery. While it’s hard having someone you care about out of reach, there are some things you can do to make the process as beneficial as possible for everyone involved.

Here are some things you can do in order to best support your loved one:

Understand That Recovery Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Recovery is a process. In fact, many liken it to a lifelong journey. While you know that a rehab treatment center is a safe place for your loved one to be, this doesn’t mean that the journey will be without bumps and unexpected turns in the road.

Many people who undergo addiction treatment will struggle along the way. What’s important is that you encourage them to stick with it and to keep going, even on those really bad days when giving up seems like the best option.

Treatment is hard. Your loved one has to face things that they’ve been trying to run away from. It takes a mental, emotional, and physical toll. This is why it’s so important for friends and family members to be as supportive as possible, even if progress isn’t being made as quickly as you had hoped. Never express disappointment or failure to someone in treatment, as this can be detrimental to your loved one’s mental health, which then impacts the healing process.

Be Available

Even if your loved one is hundreds of miles away at an inpatient rehab in Los Angeles, it’s important to stay in contact as much as possible so that you can bridge the physical distance. Make note that most programs have a period of time when your loved one will have no contact with the outside world. This blackout period generally only lasts for up to a week, but it’s a critical time in the treatment process. It’s much easier to heal and focus when there are no distractions.

Once the blackout period is over, your loved one will be allowed limited communication with friends and family members. This is the time when you’ll want to be available to your loved one so that you can show your support. Phone calls and even letters are a great way to stay in touch.

Many addiction treatment centers also offer family days throughout the month where friends and family members can eat together, learn about their loved one’s progress, and educate themselves on how drug addiction treatment works and how to best support someone in efforts to prevent relapse.

These are great opportunities to show your loved one that you are there for them, and that you’re so proud of the progress they’ve made. The key is to be as positive, encouraging, and loving as possible. The more positive vibes, the better!

Take Part in Family Therapy

Addiction impacts everyone, including friends and family members. Most addiction treatment centers offer family therapy, which is quite eye-opening for everyone involved. This type of counseling focuses on many things, including:

  • Learning healthier ways to interact and communicate
  • Developing a deeper understanding of each other
  • Finding better ways to solve problems

Family therapy is also a great way for family members to educate themselves on how drug addiction works, how to set boundaries, and how to best support someone to minimize the risk of them relapsing.

Most importantly, family counseling is a great way to prepare yourself for life after your loved one comes back home. You’ll find that you need to be more careful in what you say and the things you do in order to be a positive influence.

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