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6 Tips for Staying Sober in Early Recovery

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Have you successfully completed a drug treatment program and are ready to come back home? Getting clean and sober is a tremendous achievement, and you should be tremendously proud of that accomplishment. While you look forward to resuming your day-to- day life you will soon realize that the real work in your recovery is just beginning. While you learned the life skills needed while in drug treatment, trying to utilize those tools away from the safety of residential treatment can be a challenge.

Relapse: It Can Happen

No matter how long your clean time, staying sober can be difficult in the face of the stresses you face on a daily basis. No matter how strong your program of recovery may be, relapse does happen and it is seen as a normal part of the recovery process. It is estimated that up to 90% of those in recovery will experience at least one relapse episode within the first 4 years of their recovery. While this statistic may be alarming, you have the power to beat the odds. The following are 6 ways that you can stay sober in early recovery.

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6 Ways to Stay Clean and Sober

Part of a solid plan of recovery includes a consistent exercise program, proper nutrition and excellent self-care. Keeping your body and mind in harmony helps you stay focused and will give you the self-confidence you need to meet the challenges of early recovery. These elements were a crucial part of getting yourself physically and mentally healthy when you were in treatment, and needs to be scheduled within your daily routine.

Don’t Just Get a Sponsor – Work with Your Sponsor

Another crucial component of your recovery program is your continued involvement in 12-Step or other similar sober support groups. While the encouragement and support you receive from your peers can provide you with ample motivation in early recovery, your sponsor can take your recovery to new heights. Getting a sponsor is wonderful, but actively working with your sponsor and working the Steps is key to staying sober in early recovery. Sponsors not only help you talk the talk; they will help you walk the walk.

Meditate Each Morning

Another routine that was a staple of drug treatment that you need to adopt into your daily ritual at home is regular morning meditation. After you wake up each morning, you should set aside 10-15 minutes for yourself to reflect on the day ahead. Whether you read from the Big Book or engage in mindful meditation practices, having quiet time to yourself each morning will help you approach your day more comfortably and with more awareness of yourself and your surroundings.

Hang with the Winners

Staying sober isn’t a solitary effort. In early recovery, you need to have the support of those who are 100 percent behind your sobriety. This support network can consist of family, friends, your sponsor and those who are a part of your 12-Step home group. These support people should be easily accessible to you anytime you need extra support during those times where your recovery seems to be on shaky ground. When things seem to be at their most dire, a little encouragement from someone who truly supports you can go a long way.

Get a Hobby

During your addiction your hobby was getting drunk or high, and everything else that you had passion for took a backseat or was completely forgotten. Now that you are in early recovery, you can rediscover the pastimes and hobbies that made you feel whole. Whether it is painting, taking up a musical instrument or learning to paint, filling your time with constructive activities is an excellent way to keep idle time to a minimum.


An excellent way to reinforce your sobriety in early recovery is to simply give of yourself. Becoming a volunteer or mentor is an excellent way to share with others, and when others appreciate what you do for them it fills you with a tremendous amount of self-esteem and pride.

Dedicato Treatment Center Will Give You the Support You Need to Stay Sober

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, you need the help, encouragement and support that a quality drug treatment facility can provide you. Dedicato Treatment Center can provide you and those you love treatment that is effective and proven to work, and our experienced staff can create a treatment plan that fits your unique and specific needs.