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5 Most Abused Party Drugs

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When we think of drugs, there are some drugs that immediately come to mind that are thought of as inherently dangerous or very bad. Drugs such as heroin, meth, and crack are often thought of in this light. However, there are other drugs that many people take on a recreational basis that may be seen as less dangerous simply because of the environment in which they are taken. Despite what popular perception may be, these party drugs are just as dangerous as other illicit substances. Not only are some of these party drugs highly addictive—they also have the potential to be deadly. The following is a list of the five most abused party drugs. If you are looking for more information on party drugs or are looking for drug treatment, contact us toll-free today and find out more about our effective drug treatment programs.

5 Popular (and Most Abused) Party Drugs

1. Ecstasy

One of the most popular party drugs on the scene is ecstasy. Also known as MDMA, the drug is similar in chemical structure to amphetamine, but also has hallucinogenic properties. Often known as the “hug drug”, those who take ecstasy feel intense love, belonging and togetherness with others. For those who take the drug, the effects can last for anywhere from three to six hours, during which time the chances for dehydration, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and heart failure are high. Once the effects of the drug begin to wear off, most users experience intense “coming down” effects such as depression, agitation and can even display violent behavior.

2. GHB

Often referred to as liquid ecstasy, GHB is another party drug that is both popular with recreational users and very dangerous because of its effects. GHB is a powerful central nervous system depressant which can create short-lived periods of euphoria. However, the extreme sedative effects associated with GHB can last for up to four hours. While users will have feelings of happiness, their heart rate and breathing can slow dramatically and it can potentially lead to death. Perhaps the most disturbed fact about GHB is the fact that it is commonly known as a “date rape drug”. GHB is odorless and often mixed with alcohol and those who unknowingly ingest this mixture become incapacitated and unable to resist assault. When used in this manner, amnesia is induced in its’ victims.

3. Cocaine

One of the oldest party drugs, cocaine is an extremely powerful stimulant drug which comes in crystalline form or as an off-white chunky substance. The drug can be administered in a variety of ways from inhaling, through intravenous injection or through smoking the drug in crack cocaine form. No matter the way it is taken, the effects of the drug can be felt within a few minutes, but the high is short-lived. Along with its high addiction potential, those who use cocaine often combine it with alcohol or with drugs such as heroin in a concoction called a speedball.

4. Amyl Nitrate

Known commonly as “poppers”, amyl nitrate is a short-acting inhalant that is yellowish and pungent smelling. When inhaled, it quickly enters the bloodstream and lowers a person’s blood pressure but increases their pulse. Users often experience feelings and well-being and tranquility when under the influence of amyl nitrate. Those who use this party drug often experience blackouts, dizziness and respiratory problems. For those who overuse the drug, it can lead to vascular collapse and even death. Because of its muscle relaxant properties, amyl nitrate is often used before sexual intercourse.

5. Ketamine

Often referred to as Special K, ketamine is a club drug that was originally developed as a veterinary anesthetic. When used recreationally, users experience an intensely dreamy feeling or a deeply detached, hallucinogenic state. When in this state, ketamine users may find great difficulty moving or talking. When taken in large doses, ketamine may also cause respiratory depression. If ketamine is mixed with alcohol, the effects can be deadly. Though this party drug is not addictive, many who take ketamine find it to be highly seductive and will increase the dosage in order to intensify its effects. Prolonged use of ketamine can lead to dependence and significant neurological impairment.

If You Are Addicted to Party Drugs, You Need Drug Treatment

While many users who take party drugs downplay their effects and may not think they are dangerous, these drugs can pose serious threats to one’s health—and life. If you are addicted to club drugs, it is important that you seek treatment immediately.