Family Group Education at Dedicato

For family and friends of drug or alcohol addicted individuals, addressing the addiction is one of the most difficult aspects of helping the addicted person seek treatment. Often, over time, daily family involvement has only managed to enable the addict. Family members frequently do not know how to bring up the issue of addiction therapy and opt to ignore the problem for fear of pushing their loved one away during a confrontation or intervention.

These are legitimate concerns, and while families should understand that approaching their loved one should be a gentle and supportive process, they also need to understand that most patients seek substance abuse treatment because of positive family involvement and intervention.

Family Group

In our treatment program, the focus is on our patient’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction as much as it is on a mental healing from the addictive disease. However, our treatment is enhanced by family involvement.

Each family is different, and the best way to approach family group involvement with addiction therapy will differ with every person. Our licensed and certified clinicians are trained to work with drug- and alcohol-addicted patients and their families. It is important to understand that the family dynamic in drug and alcohol addiction is incredibly powerful and that addressing an unhealthy imbalance in communication is your first step in moving your family toward a journey of recovery and self-discovery.

Weekly Family Group Education

Each week offers education in our family group in addition to “scheduled” individualized family group sessions. When considering and involving the family in the treatment process our primary purpose is to help each member of the family gain an understanding of the disease of addiction and how to facilitate the process of family reintegration.