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The facility is definitely outstanding. There is a warm water pool with a waterfall and a great chef. But what is the most outstanding thing about Dedicato Treatment Center is the staff never have a met such caring, loving, joy-filled people. They honestly really care about you. There is nothing you can say to them that will make them judge you, past or present. I fell I was guided here by a higher power. I am so happy and blessed that I was.


This has definitely been not only a life-saving experience but uplifting too.

I am eager and excited to restart my life. I am happy today. Looking forward to being happy tomorrow. The staff here are approachable and competent. I was always able to talk to someone if I had any issues. I believe no matter where you may be in your addiction Dedicato Treatment Center can meet your needs>


If you are looking for a treatment center to go to, look no further because Dedicato is the place to go! This was my first time in treatment and the staff here made me feel so at ease through my whole experience. They are truly an amazing group of people that work here, and they care deeply about their patients and the work that they do. I would recommend Dedicato to anyone trying to get sober. Thank you Dr.Marshall and everyone at Dedicato for giving me a second chance at life!


I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be at Dedicato Treatment Center. Brittany and the rest of the staff were all very helpful and were always there for me for support and a listening ear. The center only has up to 6 clients at a time so it feels more like home, and I actually felt that I mattered here and wasn’t just a number. I would recommend anyone in need of help to come here, this has been the most positive experience in treatment I have ever been to.


The owner of this Treatment Center (Dr. Keith Marshall) has an unparalleled passion for excellence coupled with a focus on compassion and dedication. Dedicato Treatment Center staff members work as a team and are all highly trained and are motivated towards the common goal of helping their patients in successfully turning their lives around during the treatment process. The Center is Joint Commission accredited and as such, they follow the highest standards in addiction treatment. I highly recommend Dedicato Treatment Center to anyone who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and who is serious about getting clean and sober. Thank you.


Where should I start?  I have a long treatment history and an even longer drug history.  I thought I had gone too far and was incapable of change.  I did not even want to change.  Dedicato changed that for me whether I liked it or not.  I initially only came for detox, but something inside of me saw this as a special opportunity to change my life.  I felt love and genuine care from the moment I walked in the door.  I actually wanted to stay.  I have a chronic medical condition which requires daily management.  Being out on a run, I did not have my meds.  Dedicato got them for me, carefully and professionally understanding and the solving the scary situation for me.  I feel like I owe Dedicato my life in more ways than I could describe.  The on-duty technicians are caring and competent and the clinical team made me feel safe and comfortable to talk about what was really bothering me, which is totally contrary to my previous experiences in treatment.  I felt an instant connection with Dr. Marshall whom to my surprise and utmost gratitude gave me an opportunity to do a little work around the house in exchange for pocket money to have when we go on outings.  I’m a good judge of character, and all these things told me this place was special.  Dedicato is about saving lives and arming us with faith and courage to face life sober and head on.  Believe me, when I tell you, I was hopeless. end of the line, a full-blown dope fiend who could not and would not stop.  Today, I know I’m truly worthy of a better life and feel a peace of mind and serenity.  I’m not sure how or why, but I got my life back.


I believe this treatment center saved my life. Before I came to Dedicato I was depressed, drinking excessively, and miserable. I was able to work with a counselor, therapist, and life coach to provide guidance in helping me uncover and discover why I drank. The facility is beautiful and clean and also has a chef that prepares healthy meals. We meet in groups to go over the disease of addiction, have meditation in the morning, and yoga every week.


I have known Dr. Marshall for a few years now and I’ve always stayed in contact with him. Reason being is because he was very instrumental in my first attempt at sobriety when I came out to California. Things were going great for me but I forgot some of the lessons I learned and ultimately that lead to relapse. When I had come to the end of my road I knew who to call. I was ecstatic when I learned Dr. Marshall had his own treatment center and all the accreditations. Dedicato had it was unbelievable. He got me right in. It was incredible, the facility and the service the staff provides in on point. Dedicato may look like Promises and you may feel like a celebrity Dr. Marshall still leads groups and this place is serious about helping people maintain sobriety. Dr. Marshall is one of us and he gets it. Dedicato is unlike any other.


This is an absolutely magnificent program run by an unbelievably terrific personnel. Upon arriving I felt as though I was receiving the warm welcome of my own familiar kin. They take very good care of you and you’re offered an unprecedented experience that I’ve obtained nowhere else before. I’m forever grateful for what Dr. Marshall has at Dedicato and it has truly given me a new found hope on my journey through recovery!


This review is an attempt to express my gratitude for your “yes”. Your yes to me your yes to God, your yes to the battlefield. Dr. Marshall, you are surely leading a team that I believe is a primary catalyst to the eradication of this bondage and disease of addiction, in CA and beyond. Dr. Marshall your devotion to diversity regardless of your own personal belief system shows with great measure just how serious you are about saving lives! Dedicato is a “safe haven” for those who are at the end of life as they know it, broken, shattered and beat down. Dedicato takes this individual accepts them, loves them, educates them and prepares them for the next step in their journey of life. I am grateful for the countless hours, days and years of work and life experience Dr. Marshall and his team have put into making a place for me and people like me. Dr. Marshall, you sincerely have my respect and honor, your entire family and staff I can only imagine the amount of effort you and your family put into this! Stay the course dream big and don’t let anything get in the way of what God is doing through you and your team!


I went to Dedicato Treatment Center to get treatment for alcoholism. I really enjoyed the treatment they provided. The house was amazing. My only complaint is that I had to leave. I wanted to stay forever. The pool is so nice. The Gym is great. The staff is amazing. The chef cooks the best food. Thank you Dedicato Treatment Center.


I have only positive things to say about this beautiful facility and the people who work there. I have been in treatment centers before, plenty of them. None of them worked and this one stands out above the rest of them. I would absolutely recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for a change in their life.


The passion that the staff has for the clients here is amazing .. they gave me a 2nd chance at life when no one else would. I will always be grateful for this place. The facility is amazing, it’s clean and very personal. You get a lot of one on one care and your not just a number your a person and they taught me how to love myself. They gave me the tools and the opportunity to start a new life. THANK YOU


My name is Delores, I am well aware of the dedication and work that it took Dr. Marshall to establish Dedicato Treatment Center. I would like to say that I am also proud to know that he has helped people with addictions escape their false self and walk into their true light. I commend the staff for their dedication and hard work that they do on a daily basis. I know first hand what drugs do to the human spirit, as my husband was addicted to drugs for many years. I can’t say enough about how awesome and organized this center is. Good work guys.


Great treatment center for people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. The one on one with staff is outstanding. With a maximum occupancy of 6 (7 at the time) you can expect a lot of one on one treatment. Dr-Keith L Marshall, who is the owner, is involved every day with each client. Not only is the staff awesome but the facility is equally as awesome. Amenities include heated pool, yoga and art class, full-size gym, not to mention a chef on site. If you are looking for help with your addiction look no further!!!


I was recommended here by a good friend and upon coming here I didn’t know what to expect I didn’t know it was not going to be like all the other treatment centers where You Are just a number I came in and it was a small group of clients very small very personable I was greeted at the door by the CEO of this Center and his staff I immediately felt welcome I immediately felt safe something that I have not felt in a long time as I came in I got assessed and the process is very easy the facility was immaculate everything in place everything in order it smells good and I felt really comfortable I want to thank the facility for helping me with all the help that I needed to start my recovery dr. Marshall and his team are nothing but professionals they really care they really listen something that I have not gotten by any other Treatment Center one point that I like about this place a lot is that it’s not 30 40 people here trying to get sober it’s a few it’s a handful and you’re able to be one on one whenever you need it once again I want to thank you guys very much thank you very much for doing such a great job you guys help me put my life back in order you have given me the coping skills to deal with issues that arise on life and life’s terms thank you very much for everything God bless this facility I hope it keeps growing and keeps becoming strong.


In a word “OUTSTANDING.” The owner and chief manager of the treatment facility is Dr. Kieth Marshall. He has a powerful staff that I don’t think he has to manage much because they are so extremely competent. As I walked in the front door I was immediately greeted by Lilly. Her awesome smile makes for a great first impression. Then comes Philip, he is the lead tech. This guy runs a tight ship with everyone as he oversees Ciddy, Nichole, Steven, Mike and Mallisa. However, it didn’t take long for me to recognize that Philip’s serious approach to addiction is tempered by a great sense of humor. His approach must be contagious as his support staff are each outstanding in there own right. Then there are the counselors, Kristine, David and Charles. These folks are simply some kinda’ awesome. Their insights to issues associated with my addiction were outstandingly helpful, to say the least. The gains I’ve made with my struggles with addiction, here at The Dedicato Treatment Center, have been amazing. I feel really ready to keep my momentum going in the right direction. I highly recommend to anyone struggling with addiction to please check out the Dedicato Treatment Center. In short, it is treatment that works. Oh, and did I fail to mention, the on-staff chef, Dee, prepares the most wonderful lunches and dinners that you can imagine! Visit the Dedicato Treatment Center. Give em’ a call today. You’ll be glad you did. I was. And I really mean it.

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